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This winter explore the most interactive and technologically advanced light display in Texas.

Nov. 16 – Jan. 5
6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

⚫ Experience a high-tech kinetic light show where dozens of suspended lights move in precise choreographed sequences above the Main Plaza.
⚫ Explore and learn about the technology behind advanced LED and RGB light displays at interactive learning stations where guests can change the colors of lights decorating an artificial tree.
⚫ Catch the original film “Holidays in Space” that includes real footage of astronauts celebrating the holidays as well as interviews with retired astronauts about what it was like celebrating in space.
⚫Marvel at large, 3-D holiday décor in Zero-G Diner while enjoying hot cocoa and other holiday food and beverages available for purchase.
⚫ Snap a stellar selfie in our Earth photo station in Independence Plaza and grab a bite at a s’more pit.
⚫ Walk beside a 30-foot Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and learn about the future of space exploration and NASA’s journey to Mars.
⚫ Board the NASA Tram Tour to stargaze at an indoor meteor shower before traveling to NASA Johnson Space Center through an LED light tunnel of more than 250,000 lights synchronized to festive holiday music.
⚫ See dazzling, interactive lights and 3-D projections at Rocket Park. Discover the massive Saturn V rocket telling the story of Commander Quest via 3-D light projection mapping.

Posted by Space Center Houston on Thursday, 21 November 2019

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